Nights of sand.


I can see the light behind the dunes

I can feel the sand beneath my feet.


As I fall, deep down into the grey sky

and as the clouds arrive,

they caress my cheeks,

with their windy smiles and sparkly eyes.


The bright lights of the city, blink and shine,

and call me to luxury,

but here I lay, on the sand so fine

staring at the purply sky.


So here I stand ,

before the heavens, dying to make a mark.

I don’t need the cities’ luxuries,

don’t need an empty heart.


I seek serenity,

I seek wisdom.

As I stand here amidst the golden rivers.

Rivers as bland as ocean breezes,

gathered from the flowers blossom in Elysium.


No cityscape can match the beauty of this prepossessing desert,

No luxury can make me feel so content.

Hence here I stand, on the sands of the desert overt,

with nothing to hide, nothing to pretend.


Neither a hundred storey building can make me feel so elated ,

nor a hotel room can bestow upon me that comfort.


The bright lights of the city, blink and shine ,

and call me to luxury

but here I lay in the dune, weathered ,

staring at the purply sky.


( In collaboration with Yeeshan Malik , instagram : @uncomfortably_.numb)

Will I Ever Smile Again?

After all I’ve seen,photogridlite_1548233201093

After I’ve lost my heart

In the mist of dawn,

In the fire of night .

Will I ever , I ask ,

Will I ever smile again?


After all I’ve been through,

 through the lakes of tears

drowning deep,

drowning in the drops of me.

Will  I ever , I ask ,

Will i ever smile again?


After the fears that did blaze,

with the sparks that abrade

my heart and my skin

and  that glittering visage.

Will I ever , I ask,

Will I ever smile again?


After the feet broke down,

down to a million little pieces .

The void , it came .

and filled me with pain.

I couldn’t find no plinth ,

to hold and bear.


Will I ever , I ask,

I ask on again.

Will I ever smile again?


The eyes don’t shine,

The lips don’t speak.

The mind it says,

     I will never smile again.





Once i crept into darkness and woe ,

               that seemed to be relentless and

unceasingly woebegone .

                     Then she came .

   she , my path to hope.

            To be the  light

      in my burrow .


The the sun came up ,

              and it burned me red,

she couldn’t stop the hurt

             but gave thee shade.

Pain she killed and,

          I smiled again.


The rain then poured ,

            from the clouds of my eyes.

She dropped the umbrella

           over my heart

       and sat.

          Till I sniffed up ,

and gave her a hug back.


As the moon set in ,

            and my face lightened up.

I had an enigmatic stare , that ,

            she read and stood up .

Beside me, to catch my

        falling heart .


As and when I look over ,

         the empty grounds of my life ,

she’s still there,

        behind my back.


And she’s been there,

             from dusk till dawn.

from grade one to ten.

             She’ll still be there,

when my kids call her,

               instead of me,

      their mom.

The Inside













I’m a teardrop in the ocean,

          A cloud in the stormy sky,

And perhaps , in the amazon,

               A lost butterfly.


In a world of  billions,

               my worth is one.

In a world of lovers

              I maybe none.

In a world of smiles,

       I would break and

   break apart.


Then comes the inside

       A world hidden from outside.



    I’m the sun,

And the light of the moon

      A lively place

  Where I love with grace


I guide the tides,

            And rule the skies

And paint the colors

          in the butterflies.


The veracity that holds is,

       Nothing but what you believe lies inside.

The Struggle

Screenshot-2018-6-6 Poems Porn ( poemsporn_) • Instagram photos and videos


She lay there, staring at the walls.

Looking for an answer,

to the mystery she calls

a struggle for love.


A love so great ,

could it be a mistake?

But it felt so right

and then a dirty snowflake


Loved and longed , she

waited and cried for

him to see the bare mystery .

And feel the misery ,

she in which strived.


She was an imperfectly perfect

beauty, who you ought to

hate and loathe.

But her beauty remains

and the struggle still contain’d.


The heart will love,

The eyes will cry.

Till you my dear,

      will remain

     forever here.


An eternity she promised ,

   an eternity hence,

you both will stay.

       Stay but love,

       love but try.